Ben Token

Contract address: 0x8eE4924BD493109337D839C23f628e75Ef5f1C4D

BEN has a total supply of one quadrillion. 50% of the total supply is burned at the beginning.

There is a 2% fee in each transaction (sell, buy, transfer, etc.), which is also burned.

Initial Liquidity

All the rest 50% of the tokens were allocated as initial liquidity in PancakeSwap v2, creating a total of 700 million LPs.

Of those LPs, 300 million have been burned at once, while the remainder are time-locked and scheduled for gradual removal.

When the LPs are removed, any BUSD generated from the process will be allocated to marketing, development, and charitable donations.

Removing Schedule:

10 million LPs removed at any time. 10 million LPs removed every month for the first 11 months. 80 million LPs removed on the first anniversary. 100 million LPs removed on the second anniversary. 100 million LPs removed on the third anniversary.

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